EquaTerra Event in Stockholm Highlights Demand for Global Sourcing in the Nordics

Carl-Henrik Hallström, Regional Director, The Nordic Region

I recently hosted a global sourcing event attended by over 40 leading Nordic organisations and was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for global sourcing as a business tool. Hot topics of discussion included how best to manage global sourcing contracts, how to secure the best rates and how to realise the full potential of sourcing services from a range of locations – Application Management and Infrastructure Management are often the processes which are outsourced from the Nordics, and India seems to still be the leading destination of choice for these services.

There was a lively discussion and the attendees were well placed to get very practical answers from EquaTerra advisors, service providers and fellow guests who were keen to share their own experiences and solutions.

What I found most pleasing about the very ‘hands on’ experience of the attendees representing end-user organisations is that it clearly illustrated that global sourcing is no longer viewed in the Nordic region as a mysterious and magical process to reduce costs, access skills and increase efficiency, but a proven and pragmatic strategy to help deliver those business objectives. The trend is clearly for greater investment in global sourcing from the Nordic region – a fact also supported by the findings of our latest Nordic Service Provider Performance Study.

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