Process, Price, Performance, and Perspective: Smart Alternatives to Traditional Benchmarking

Dave Brown, Principal, KPMG LLP With some organizations having up to 80 percent of their IT budget going to a third party, it’s all the more important to ensure that the price for outsourced service is fair and reasonable in comparison with the current market. CIOs also need to measure and continue to educate their [...]

Assessing the Maturity of Global Business Services Delivery

Organizations need to understand the maturity of their service delivery capabilities so they can measure progress in improving them over time and understand how far and fast to push these improvement efforts. In addition to measuring the own internal performance and improvement levels, they ideally need to also compare themselves to their peers.

Can You Really Afford Benchmarking?

It’s a lot of time, resources and patience if you’re just looking for the right number. John Masley, Senior Manager, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Just about every outsourcing contract has a benchmarking clause. The threat of the word itself strikes fear in most providers. Objectively, can your business really manage the time-out, direct and indirect [...]

Why weren’t we all driving around in Yugos? When outsourcing, price isn’t the sole consideration.

John Masley, Senior Manager, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Remembering fondly back to the 1980’s, I can recall wondering why everyone wasn’t driving around in the most economically priced vehicle when it was introduced, the beloved (yet now defunct) Yugo. But in outsourcing agreements as in vehicles, there’s always more to it than just [...]

Value Assurance – A Route to Optimising Your Outsourcing Relationship

Lee Ayling, Managing Director, UK Information Technology Advisory In an outsourcing relationship it’s not uncommon for there to be pain points or situations where expectations and delivery are not aligned. Today, EquaTerra is advising organisations to invest their energy in tackling these issues to maximise the value of a contract rather than considering ending a [...]

Before You Benchmark: Consider Savings Estimates, Cost Drivers and Timelines

Dave Brown, Managing Director, Financial Architecture Advisory Services Considering undertaking a benchmarking initiative to evaluate how your cost structure stacks up against the market? First, understand if you really need a benchmark. Many executives feel they need a general read on market pricing and see a benchmark as the only mechanism to obtain the data. [...]