The New(ish) Role for IT and the IT Group

Matt Bishop, Global Managing Principal, CIO Advisory Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Technology change—and complexity—continues to increase. This is nothing new but in the context of cloud, “big data,” BYOD, and social media, the pace of change is accelerating. Expectations of what Information Technology (IT) can bring and what the IT group should [...]

Information Security and Outsourcing: In a constantly expanding enterprise, keeping up is hard to do

Greg Bell, Principal, CIO Advisory Today organizations struggle to really protect your information. That’s driven by a lot of different external trends. It could be increased regulation over certain types of data that you have to protect. It could be protecting some corporate secrets and intellectual property. Or it just could be making sure that [...]

Outsourcing Transitions that Work: Insights to the Most Critical Juncture in the Relationship

Charles Arnold, Principal, KPMG LLP The contract is signed, and the ink is almost dry. It’s taken a lot of time and effort to find the right supplier and negotiate the deal. But now, it’s finally done and the value can ensue. Not so fast. The most critical time in the lifecycle in any outsourcing [...]

The CEO of IT: Running it as a Business. For Real.

Mitch Kenfield, KPMG LLP Managing Director, CIO Advisory For years, those of us who are leaders in information technology have carried forth the mantra, “run IT as a business.” But, for most of us, that really meant run IT as a cost center—manage your P&L, respond to requests, and keep the engine running. In the [...]

Managing Cloud Taxation with Adequate (Skilled) Representation

Steve Fortier, Principal, KPMG LLP Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Advisory Organizations have many issues to consider and address as they embrace and expand cloud efforts.  Saving money, accessing new software capabilities, and addressing security concerns are typically top on the list.  Understanding taxation ramifications are not always top of mind or at [...]

Taking a Sober Look at Cloud Security

Greg Bell, Principal, KPMG LLP Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP As we write this blog cybersecurity, “cyberterrorism,” and “cyberwar” are once again front page news. The US president has declared that the “cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation” and that “America’s [...]

The New Capital of IT: A Changing Discussion For a New Playing Field

If venture capitalists walked through your door with a sack full of cash and asked you to clearly articulate the market value of your IT organization, what would you tell them? Would you talk about uptime, utilization, platforming, and cost savings? Or would you discuss tangible business metrics like market share, margin enhancement, return on capital, customer penetration, and product differentiation?

Coveting Cloud Cost Savings: Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Advisory Rick Wright, Global & US Cloud Enablement Program Leader, KPMG LLP KPMG recently released the 2013 edition of its annual cloud market research study. The first in a series of blogs examining key findings from this market study highlighted some of the hidden or at least unexpected [...]

Embracing in the Cloud is (NOT) Easy

Steve Salmon, Principal, KPMG in the UK Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Advisory KPMG recently released the 2013 edition of its annual cloud market research study. Among the many findings, several that stood out highlighted that adopting and exploiting the potential of cloud is often not as quick, cheap, or easy as market [...]

Operational Transformation: Questions You Need to Ask

By Atul Subbiah, Advisory Partner, KPMG LLP Operational transformation is a familiar issue in the business world. Costs keep going up, competition increases, and CIOs need to continually improve performance, enhance processes, and streamline their IT infrastructure. So what’s the “new news” about operational transformation today? More to the point, what do CIOs need to [...]