It’s Not System Integration, It’s Business Transformation: Oracle Cloud Takes it to the Next Level

John M. Doel Partner, KPMG Advisory Services Oracle has spent the last 8–10 years bringing together the best of market leading applications like PeopleSoft, EBS, Siebel, and Taleo into a single unified Enterprise Application Suite, and with cloud provisioning, they have taken business applications to a completely new level. Sustainable is so yesterday From an […]

2014 Research Finding – Cloud is Already Replacing Legacy Outsourcing

Cliff Justice and Dave Brown have a lot to say about cloud replacing legacy outsourcing

  • Ambitious and sophisticated clients are now seeing the huge benefits of shifting from on-premise to “As-a-Service” delivery.
  • Having a provider that understands and can implement a cloud platform, support the transformation and provide the necessary services that add real value to the front-office is the Holy Grail for many buyers.
  • The successful providers will be those that can bridge the divide between cloud/infrastructure and process delivery.

The New(ish) Role for IT and the IT Group

Matt Bishop, Global Managing Principal, CIO Advisory Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Technology change—and complexity—continues to increase. This is nothing new but in the context of cloud, “big data,” BYOD, and social media, the pace of change is accelerating. Expectations of what Information Technology (IT) can bring and what the IT group should […]

Managing Cloud Taxation with Adequate (Skilled) Representation

Steve Fortier, Principal, KPMG LLP Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Advisory Organizations have many issues to consider and address as they embrace and expand cloud efforts.  Saving money, accessing new software capabilities, and addressing security concerns are typically top on the list.  Understanding taxation ramifications are not always top of mind or at […]

Taking a Sober Look at Cloud Security

Greg Bell, Principal, KPMG LLP Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP As we write this blog cybersecurity, “cyberterrorism,” and “cyberwar” are once again front page news. The US president has declared that the “cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation” and that “America’s […]

Coveting Cloud Cost Savings: Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Advisory Rick Wright, Global & US Cloud Enablement Program Leader, KPMG LLP KPMG recently released the 2013 edition of its annual cloud market research study. The first in a series of blogs examining key findings from this market study highlighted some of the hidden or at least unexpected […]

Transforming Cost Allocation: Finding Value in Transparency

Mike Gough, Manager, KPMG LLP and Jeff Gregoire, Director, KPMG LLP Say the words “cost allocations,” and your audience immediately thinks “expensive,” “formulaic,” “not based in reality,” and maybe worse.  Cost allocations are nothing new, but managing them correctly is. It’s the difference between providing a required service versus providing a value-based service with obvious […]

Embracing in the Cloud is (NOT) Easy

Steve Salmon, Principal, KPMG in the UK Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Advisory KPMG recently released the 2013 edition of its annual cloud market research study. Among the many findings, several that stood out highlighted that adopting and exploiting the potential of cloud is often not as quick, cheap, or easy as market […]

F&A’s 2013 Service Delivery Game Changers: Hybridization, Verticalization, and Cloud Solutions

By Ron Walker, Principal, KPMG Management Consulting Buyers, providers, advisors, analysts, and market watchers alike know that finance and accounting (F&A) has never been the frontrunner outsourced business process function. Yet, the “2013 State of Outsourcing” study, conducted by HfS Research with support from KPMG, shows that F&A is picking up outsourcing steam. Indeed, the […]