Spend Analytics Helps Avoid Awkward Moments With Suppliers

Dipan Karumsi, Managing Director, KPMG Procurement Advisory Services Working with organizations in various sourcing and procurement roles over the past 17 years, one of the common challenges I see is not having access to information on a timely basis. The good news is, real-time, or near real-time spend analytics is within reach for companies willing [...]

Do You Have the Right KPIs to Run IT Like a Business?

Dave Conroy, Managing Director, CIO Advisory You might remember the old saying about the cobbler’s children—they have no shoes. In fact, the IT function has long been providing “shoes” for everyone in the company except itself as it helps the CEO, COO, and other business leaders exploit information and business intelligence for competitive advantage. But [...]

New Study Shows Major Investment in Global Business Services

Companies to spend $40 billion annually. Analytics, IT, and talent cited as success factors.  Global Business Services (GBS) is a next generation operating model for driving performance, added value, and deeper savings in business services. Among other benefits, GBS can help organizations to lower costs, get products to market faster by using their process footprint, [...]

A Telling Tale about Talent

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Advisory KPMG recently completed its semiannual global market study on the state of the finance function. KPMG released the first of an ongoing wave of findings and analysis from this study in early November.  In addition to assessing organizations’ finance functions’ performance levels, key issues and needs, and [...]

The New(ish) Role for IT and the IT Group

Matt Bishop, Global Managing Principal, CIO Advisory Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Technology change—and complexity—continues to increase. This is nothing new but in the context of cloud, “big data,” BYOD, and social media, the pace of change is accelerating. Expectations of what Information Technology (IT) can bring and what the IT group should [...]

The Dark Side of Talent Analytics

Tim Payne, Partner, Global Centre for HR Transformation, KPMG in the UK Talent analytics is a very seductive topic. Most HR professionals are longing for a way to put some numbers and science to the art of people management—a longing driven by insecurities after years of unflattering comparisons with our associates in Finance and Marketing, [...]

What is Acceptable Risk in Managing Big Data?

Few enterprises world-wide can claim  to have ‘mastered’ the skills of managing their Big Data challenges, yet many are looking to make dramatic increases in capital investment in business analytics. No doubt, managing Big Data is a mission-critical imperative for almost any organization operating in today’s business environment. And it is precisely because it is so integral that this increase [...]