Should Your CFO be Your Firm’s New Knowledge Executive? The Data Says “Yes” [SlideShare]

Don Mailliard, Principal, Advisory In their never-ending quest to improve strategy, operations, IT, supply chain, sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction, pioneering enterprises are discovering a previously unpredicted knowledge champion: their CFO. For years, CFOs have had access to the data in ERP systems, line-of-business applications, and management reporting tools. Now, with the advent of highly […]

Third-Party Vendor Services for Banks: Managing Risks in Today’s Regulatory Environment

Eugene Kublanov, Managing Director, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Greg Matthews, Managing Director, Risk Consulting For today’s banks, managing third-party vendors and suppliers has never been more challenging. We would like to talk about these challenges, effective ways to address them, and the tools available to help banks mitigate risks related to third-party vendors. First […]

A Telling Tale about Talent

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Advisory KPMG recently completed its semiannual global market study on the state of the finance function. KPMG released the first of an ongoing wave of findings and analysis from this study in early November.  In addition to assessing organizations’ finance functions’ performance levels, key issues and needs, and […]