Governance Talent Management: The Making of Governance Superstars [SlideShare]

Liz Evans Managing Director, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory As today’s organizations grow in size, complexity, and global reach, hybrid sourcing is becoming the best way to optimize the mix of human capital, service delivery models, process innovation, and technology. The big problem, however, is that all this optimization doesn’t just happen by itself. Organizations […]

Business Process Management: What You Manage is Key to Strategic Business Alignment

Anand Sekhar, KPMG Director, Advisory Services Unlike much process management or process optimization, Business Process Management (BPM) is about large, overriding processes that support the business strategy in fundamental yet agile ways. As such, a larger view, better management and measurement, and a key understanding of the business will generate success. Here, I’ve listed our […]

Third-Party Vendor Services for Banks: Managing Risks in Today’s Regulatory Environment

Eugene Kublanov, Managing Director, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Greg Matthews, Managing Director, Risk Consulting For today’s banks, managing third-party vendors and suppliers has never been more challenging. We would like to talk about these challenges, effective ways to address them, and the tools available to help banks mitigate risks related to third-party vendors. First […]

With Software Overspend Running Rampant—and Unrecognized—What’s a CIO To Do?

By Marc Snyder, Managing Director, KPMG Management Consulting, and Amin Qazi, Director, KPMG Management Consulting Think $12.3 billion annual overspend on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) is a big wallop to U.S. companies’ pocketbooks? KPMG LLP (KPMG) believes the dollar amount may be considerably higher than that estimate, presented in independent research firm Opinion Matters’ “Software Efficiency […]

What’s Green on the Outside and Red on the Inside? Service level agreements and watermelons.

By Dave Brown, Principal, KPMG LLP Advisory An odd comparison to be sure, but too often, we have found that executives see only the green on the outside of a service relationship while everyone else closer to the middle of it sees red.  I call it the “watermelon effect.” All sourcing arrangements have some kind […]

Governing IT Governance: Key Strategies for the CIO

Harvey Okin, Director, CIO Advisory   In an April 2012 article for CIO magazine, Houston, We Have an IT Governance Problem, I talked about the key to a well-functioning governance framework—keep constant watch for any problems and act at the first signs of trouble. All that might seem like common sense, but proper governance is […]

Best-of-breed Governance for Best-of-breed Deals

Mark Voytek, Managed Governance Services Leader, KPMG LLP (U.S.) In the past several years, the global outsourcing market for large single-provider deals has flattened. Instead, buyers increasingly are seeking best-of-breed providers for specific services. Shared services centers, meanwhile, are incorporating more services, more functions, and more third-party resources as they strive to improve productivity and […]