Get in Shape if You Want to Innovate

Lee Ayling, Partner, Sourcing Advisory, KPMG in the UK Would you like your service provider partners to deliver innovation in your organisation’s outsourcing contracts? The answer is probably yes. Can you define innovation? The answer is probably no. This is a scenario experienced by many managers of outsourcing contracts getting to grips with innovation. Before [...]

Unlocking the Benefits of Transforming Application Support

Jason Sahota, Senior Manager, Sourcing Advisory, KPMG in the UK Application support can become more efficient and better able to meet changing business needs. But there are common pitfalls and challenges to negotiate and critical success factors to be aware of on the journey from strategic vision to reality. The recent challenging economic climate has [...]

Public Sector ERP Implementation – Insights from Front-Line Peers

Elizabeth Newman, Senior Advisor, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory ERP systems have the potential to deliver significant cost savings, productivity boosts and efficiency gains to public sector organizations. But their implementation is fraught with complex technological challenges, are highly disruptive in how core business processes are conducted, and are highly prone to timeline extensions [...]

Outsourced and Optimised the Back Office? What’s Your Next Competitive Advantage?

Jonathan Burr, Sourcing Advisory, KPMG in the UK Back office functions, such as Information Technology, Human Resources and Finance and Accounting, have executed complex and innovative strategies to deliver cost savings and improved service levels which seem commonplace today. With improved efficiency having already been achieved through activities such as the creation of shared service [...]

Defining a Social Media Strategy: Don’t Forget About Your Sourcing Partners

Sanjaya Krishna, KPMG LLP Advisory Principal, Contract Compliance John Hair, KPMG LLP Advisory Director, Risk and Compliance It is critical to have control mechanisms in place to  manage your organization’s social media activity—and to understand your risks in the adoption and use of this rapidly evolving business enabler.  KPMG is assisting out client organizations in [...]

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Today’s Finance Function – and Ways to Transform It

Teri Robinson Formerly EquaTerra, now KPMG, we are excited to share expanded insights to support a smarter, empowered enterprise. Thus, we will highlight KPMG studies to better enable your analysis, planning and decision-making processes, ideally making you more effective in your role. Late last year KPMG collaborated with CFO Research Services on a study to [...]

A CFO’s Guide to Cost Saving Opportunities in Procurement

Christian Moens, EquaTerra Are you seeking an alternative to staff reductions as a means to achieving cost savings in procurement? As Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are taking ever-greater responsibility for their procurement functions, there are real opportunities available to optimise efficiency both in terms of costs as well as quality of services. In order to [...]

Are You Stuck in Deep Amber? How to Decode Project Status Color Codes

Jeri Lykke, Senior Manager, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory A few years ago, I observed the following discussion during a Human Resources outsourcing (HRO) transition and implementation status meeting. The client described significant issues with the initiation of User Acceptance Testing, detailed relevant associated risks and asked that the project’s status be changed to Red. [...]

Developing an End Strategy for Your Outsourcing Contract

Nico Boot, Executive Director Europe and Asia Pacific Most organisations make the mistake of drawing up new contracts based on negative experiences in the past. A better way to determine the appropriate option when a contract comes to an end is to carry out the final annual review of the sourcing strategy, look ahead at [...]

Global Sourcing – The Need for an Integrated Service Delivery Strategy and Model

Stan Lepeak, Director, Research, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Often buyers have viewed global sourcing as a series of discrete options and capabilities (e.g., internal services, shared services, offshore captives, business process outsourcing and information technology outsourcing (ITO)) rather than a continuum of integrated service models. This is similar to the legacy perspective of viewing [...]