Taking the Pulse of the Pharma R&D Outsourcing (RDO) Market, Part 1 – RDO Drivers

Vicki Phelan, Managing Director, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Practice with Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Global Research I have just completed a five city North America tour in which I presented new EquaTerra research findings on trends in the life sciences and pharma research and development  outsourcing (RDO).   While the global pharma industry is of the [...]

Obama in India: Global Sourcing on the Presidential Agenda?

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Global Research US president Barack Obama recently completed a trip to India as part of a four country Asia tour. While the India visit was light on new policy initiatives, outside of some arms deals and US support for India becoming a permanent member of a reorganized United Nations security council, [...]

Tough Questions Posed by CIO.com: How to Save U.S. IT Jobs

Lee Ann Moore, Chief Marketing Officer EquaTerra clients looking to improve their internal services pose challenging questions on how to accomplish those objectives and how to make the right decisions. We provide counsel to help them answer their toughest questions when evaluating optimization options across the enterprise. For some clients, they have the internal capabilities [...]

(Attempting to) Legislate Call Center Best Practices

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, EquaTerra Global Research U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer recently introduced a legislative bill that if passed would impose a $.25 “excise tax” on any call center calls that originate within the U.S. but are serviced outside of the country. Additionally, if passed, the bill would require organizations using non-domestic call centers to [...]

Global Sourcing: Collaboration (Sometimes More, Sometimes Less) is Key

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, EquaTerra Global Research The Wall Street Journal recently published an insightful article on how to address some common problems buyer organizations face in their global – and not so global – outsourcing efforts.  The article, entitled Advice for Outsourcers: Think Bigger, has a subtitle of Too many companies mistakenly limit offshore work [...]

FAO 2010: Strategies and Tactics to Enable the CFO’s Agenda

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, EquaTerra Global Research This is the third in an ongoing series of blogs presenting the findings from EquaTerra’s recently completed market study assessing North American and U.K. finance and accounting (F&A) and F&A outsourcing (FAO) market trends. EquaTerra released the results of this market study via a webcast held on January [...]

The Services Shift: Seizing the Ultimate Offshore Opportunity

Mark Hodges, Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Corporate Development A book I have recently contributed to, and would strongly recommend to every manager who faces global competition, is ‘The Services Shift: Seizing the Ultimate Offshore Opportunity’ by Professor Robert Kennedy. And here’s why it’s worth a read…. The book, clearly shaped by [...]