Spend Analytics Helps Avoid Awkward Moments With Suppliers

Dipan Karumsi, Managing Director, KPMG Procurement Advisory Services Working with organizations in various sourcing and procurement roles over the past 17 years, one of the common challenges I see is not having access to information on a timely basis. The good news is, real-time, or near real-time spend analytics is within reach for companies willing [...]

Major High Growth Markets

For the first time, Competitive Alternatives 2012: KPMG’s Guide to International Business Location Costs, compares five leading high growth countries—Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and Russia. Over the last decade, these five countries have nearly doubled their share of world output and they now account for one fifth of global GDP. In 2010, China became the [...]

If IT Doesn’t Get It, Neither Do You

You may think you own the global process, but if your global business services are dependent upon a disconnected or uninterested IT group, breakdowns aren’t far ahead. A longstanding fractious relationship tends to exist between process owners and technology owners.  Not to beat up exclusively on the IT folks, but with so much riding on [...]

A CFO’s Guide to Cost Saving Opportunities in Procurement

Christian Moens, EquaTerra Are you seeking an alternative to staff reductions as a means to achieving cost savings in procurement? As Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are taking ever-greater responsibility for their procurement functions, there are real opportunities available to optimise efficiency both in terms of costs as well as quality of services. In order to [...]

Oncor Sourcing Transformation: Lessons Learned

Lee Ann Moore,  Chief Marketing Officer In 2008 the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) finalized a multi-billion dollar plan to increase the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ transmission capacity by building 2,200 miles of new transmission lines and related facilities. These facilities are targeted to areas of future wind generation. Oncor, a regulated electric [...]