Sleeping Giants Awaken: Optimizing Government IT for the New Economy

Federal, state and local governments and other not-for-profits have largely been operating the same way as they have for decades. Typically, it is with highly distributed, decentralized IT models that are not necessarily efficient, or successful in providing great service quality. The recession has changed all that, and now there is an imperative not only […]

HR Optimization for the Public Sector: From Paper Sea to Self-Service

While many corporations have gone to employee self-service, HR in public sector organizations has tended to lag. The decentralized model of yesterday has left each agency, and in many cases each department, with its own HR operation. Worse, these operations tend to operate largely with paper files—documents and spreadsheets—for most employee-related operations, from recruiting and […]

Implications for States Considering Federally Facilitated Health Benefit Exchanges

Paul Hencoski, Global Lead Partner, KPMG Health and Human Services One of the centerpieces of The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 is the creation of health benefit exchanges, marketplaces where uninsured individuals can access quality, affordable healthcare coverage. Coverage can be offered through an expanded Medicaid program or through private plans offered through the […]