Seeking Success with the 2012 Agenda: What’s Needed

KPMG survey data has identified perceived top capabilities organizations will need to successfully undertake top 2012 initiatives and overcome the challenges they are encountering: dysfunctional and/or fragmented organizational operating models, designs, and processes; inadequate and/or antiquated information technology (IT) infrastructure and systems; and the lack of adequate and skilled talent, and the inability to attract and retain talent.

Outsourcing and the Extended Global Enterprise

Marc Stark, Director, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory The Extended Global Enterprise (EGE) is the next level of maturity in global business services. In this model, leading companies are going beyond labor arbitrage and transactional processing. Instead, they’re breaking down functional silos and assembling capabilities – whether retained, outsourced, shared or distributed around the [...]

CFOs and the Extended Global Enterprise: Saving Money, Unlocking Value and Bolstering Top-Line Growth

Dwayne Prosko, Director, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory As CFOs are increasingly chartered with identifying cost savings opportunities without undermining the core finance and accounting (F&A) function, and helping move the company forward while driving revenue growth, a growing number of leading organizations are adopting strategies that leverage a global footprint combined with an [...]

Payroll: Far from a Commodity Process

Anne Clifford, Manager, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory For years, many businesses and analysts have incorrectly classified payroll processing as a commodity. After all, if workers are being paid on time at a cost effective price point, all’s good on the payroll front, right? Wrong, especially these days when this process, the largest spend [...]

Outsourced and Optimised the Back Office? What’s Your Next Competitive Advantage?

Jonathan Burr, Sourcing Advisory, KPMG in the UK Back office functions, such as Information Technology, Human Resources and Finance and Accounting, have executed complex and innovative strategies to deliver cost savings and improved service levels which seem commonplace today. With improved efficiency having already been achieved through activities such as the creation of shared service [...]

Global Sourcing – The Need for an Integrated Service Delivery Strategy and Model

Stan Lepeak, Director, Research, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Often buyers have viewed global sourcing as a series of discrete options and capabilities (e.g., internal services, shared services, offshore captives, business process outsourcing and information technology outsourcing (ITO)) rather than a continuum of integrated service models. This is similar to the legacy perspective of viewing [...]

Which are Better for Finance and Accounting Outsourcing: Multinationals or Indian Providers?

Rick Bertheaud, Finance and Accounting Managing Director, North America Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Global Research Inquiring minds want to know – is there a quantifiable difference in the service quality between the multinational finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO) providers (e.g. Accenture, IBM, HP, Capgemini and Steria) and the rising class of India-based FAO suppliers (e.g. [...]

Outsourcing Market Malaise: Elongated Slump or Secular Decline?

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, EquaTerra Global Research I recently participated in an equity analyst event focused on the IT services and software markets, hosted by Karl Keirstead of Kaufman Brothers. In addition to being one of the most competent sell-side analysts covering the business and IT services market, Keirstead is also one of the more [...]

BPO and ‘Top 10′ Lists: Caveat Emptor!

Pam Peters, Advisor and Project Director, EquaTerra Human Resources (HR) Practice A “Top 10” label, when applied to business process outsourcing (BPO), assumes a heightened expectation around the level of quality, expertise and technology. The issue is that most of these listings tend to be one dimensional when it comes to the basis of the [...]

What Will Increased Regulation Mean For Outsourcing in the Financial Services Sector?

Tony Rawlinson, Managing Director, Financial Services Advisory (Europe & Asia Pacific) Outsourcing is becoming more and more mission critical for many financial institutions and increasingly important core processes as well as commodity services are being externalised to partners. Given the legacy of the credit crunch and the renewed emphasis on controls and accountability it’s not a [...]