Business Process Management: What You Manage is Key to Strategic Business Alignment

Anand Sekhar, KPMG Director, Advisory Services Unlike much process management or process optimization, Business Process Management (BPM) is about large, overriding processes that support the business strategy in fundamental yet agile ways. As such, a larger view, better management and measurement, and a key understanding of the business will generate success. Here, I’ve listed our [...]

The Survey Says: F&A BPO is a Strong Market (And there is plenty of room for expansion)

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP and Ron Walker, Principal, KPMG LLP; featuring Phil Fersht KPMG and Horses for Sources (HfS) recently conducted a broad industry study, and spoke with 1355 stakeholders who buy, sell, and advise on sourcing services. Of that, we interviewed 170 customers of F&A BPO at length. Here is the [...]

Buddy, can you spare some talent?

It’s the conundrum of 2012. People are out of work, but companies are running out of talent. What’s a shared services center to do? Global business services (GBS) demand high-performance from the latest new hire to the most successful executive.  Whether it’s outsourced, insourced, or a combo, your GBS should strive to be a preferred [...]

If IT Doesn’t Get It, Neither Do You

You may think you own the global process, but if your global business services are dependent upon a disconnected or uninterested IT group, breakdowns aren’t far ahead. A longstanding fractious relationship tends to exist between process owners and technology owners.  Not to beat up exclusively on the IT folks, but with so much riding on [...]

Look Out World Here Comes China

The Chinese government through the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) is highly engaged in growing BPO. There is significant commitment to build the necessary infrastructure and provide the proper business and tax incentives to make China as appealing as possible. Read this blog by KPMG LLP’s Gary P. Nowak to learn about his outsourcing location analysis trip that included Dalian China.

Seeking Success with the 2012 Agenda: What’s Needed

KPMG survey data has identified perceived top capabilities organizations will need to successfully undertake top 2012 initiatives and overcome the challenges they are encountering: dysfunctional and/or fragmented organizational operating models, designs, and processes; inadequate and/or antiquated information technology (IT) infrastructure and systems; and the lack of adequate and skilled talent, and the inability to attract and retain talent.

Best-of-breed Governance for Best-of-breed Deals

Mark Voytek, Managed Governance Services Leader, KPMG LLP (U.S.) In the past several years, the global outsourcing market for large single-provider deals has flattened. Instead, buyers increasingly are seeking best-of-breed providers for specific services. Shared services centers, meanwhile, are incorporating more services, more functions, and more third-party resources as they strive to improve productivity and [...]

What’s on the 2012 Agenda: Costs, Clouds and Conflicts?

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG Management Consulting KPMG recently conducted a global poll of its firms’ professionals to assess what they view as the top market trends that will impact their clients in 2012.  This poll canvassed professionals from the firms’ Management Consulting, Risk Consulting, Audit, and Tax service groups.  KPMG discussed some of [...]

Taking the (Weakening?) Pulse on Global Outsourcing

Stan Lepeak, Director, Global Research, KPMG Management Consulting KPMG recently released the results of its global 4Q11 Sourcing Advisory Pulse Survey. The Pulse surveys provide insights into trends and projections in end-user organizations’ usage of global business services (GBS). The learnings are gleaned from KPMG firms’ advisers, who are working closely with enterprises that are [...]

Outsourcing and the Extended Global Enterprise

Marc Stark, Director, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory The Extended Global Enterprise (EGE) is the next level of maturity in global business services. In this model, leading companies are going beyond labor arbitrage and transactional processing. Instead, they’re breaking down functional silos and assembling capabilities – whether retained, outsourced, shared or distributed around the [...]