Assessing the Maturity of Global Business Services Delivery

Organizations need to understand the maturity of their service delivery capabilities so they can measure progress in improving them over time and understand how far and fast to push these improvement efforts. In addition to measuring the own internal performance and improvement levels, they ideally need to also compare themselves to their peers.

Get in Shape if You Want to Innovate

Lee Ayling, Partner, Sourcing Advisory, KPMG in the UK Would you like your service provider partners to deliver innovation in your organisation’s outsourcing contracts? The answer is probably yes. Can you define innovation? The answer is probably no. This is a scenario experienced by many managers of outsourcing contracts getting to grips with innovation. Before [...]

Can You Really Afford Benchmarking?

It’s a lot of time, resources and patience if you’re just looking for the right number. John Masley, Senior Manager, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Just about every outsourcing contract has a benchmarking clause. The threat of the word itself strikes fear in most providers. Objectively, can your business really manage the time-out, direct and indirect [...]

An Analysis of Trends in EMEA from the 2Q11 Sourcing Advisory Global Pulse Survey

Stan Lepeak, Director, KPMG Global Sourcing Advisory Research KPMG is pleased to release the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region (RC) market findings from its 2Q11 Global Sourcing Advisory Pulse survey. These findings represent an extract from the Global 2Q11 KPMG Pulse survey, and are based on the views of our firms’ advisors that [...]

Driving Innovation through Collaboration

Lee Ayling, Partner, Sourcing Advisory, KPMG in the UK Karene House, Principal Advisor, Sourcing Advisory, KPMG in the UK How are you driving innovation with your outsourcing providers and, if you’re a supplier of outsourced services, how are you delivering innovation for your clients? What’s working and what’s not? How do you measure its impact [...]

Sourcing in China for China’s Sake

Stan Lepeak, Director of Global Research, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory (SSOA) practice’s global leadership team recently completed a tour of Asia Pacific during which it examined sourcing trends into and out of that market.  This is the first in series of blogs that will share these findings [...]

Trends in Service Delivery Optimization: The Big Picture from KPMG’s Second Quarter 2011 Global Sourcing Advisory Pulse Survey

Cliff Justice, Service Network Leader, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG in the US If we stand back and look at our firms’ clients, and look at what they are planning in terms of business services, the market in general has clearly matured. Clients have become more sophisticated in how they design and deploy their [...]

Is VAT Destroying your Business Case for Outsourcing and Shared Services?

Noel Cullen, Principal Advisor, KPMG in the UK Many business cases for shared services and outsourcing in the finance and insurance sectors overlook the substantial impact of VAT. KPMG’s experience in working with member firm clients in developing their business cases for outsourcing and shared services is that savings of 20 – 40 percent on [...]

CFOs and the Extended Global Enterprise: Saving Money, Unlocking Value and Bolstering Top-Line Growth

Dwayne Prosko, Director, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory As CFOs are increasingly chartered with identifying cost savings opportunities without undermining the core finance and accounting (F&A) function, and helping move the company forward while driving revenue growth, a growing number of leading organizations are adopting strategies that leverage a global footprint combined with an [...]

Payroll: Far from a Commodity Process

Anne Clifford, Manager, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory For years, many businesses and analysts have incorrectly classified payroll processing as a commodity. After all, if workers are being paid on time at a cost effective price point, all’s good on the payroll front, right? Wrong, especially these days when this process, the largest spend [...]