What to Look for in Next-Generation ITO Deals

Dave Brown, Principal, KPMG Advisory Services When you established your IT outsourcing agreement, you probably did the deal and put it in a drawer, so it may have been a few years since you’ve thought about IT contracts. But now that your contract is coming up for renewal, how can you make the most of [...]

Intellectual Property and Data Privacy in China: Done Deal or Adopter’s Delusion?

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Global Research, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory (SSOA) practice’s global leadership team recently completed a tour of Asia Pacific during which it examined sourcing trends into and out of that market.  This is the second in a series of blogs that will share these [...]

The 2011 Dutch Strategic Outsourcing Study: The Most Extensive to Date

Nico Boot, Partner, KPMG Sourcing Advisory This year, more than 170 organisations participated in the Dutch EquaTerra Strategic Outsourcing Study, and over 500 unique IT outsourcing contracts, with an annual value of over €4 billion, were evaluated. This year’s results highlight that organisations expect to expand their use of outsourcing – with 56 percent of [...]

Global Sourcing – The Need for an Integrated Service Delivery Strategy and Model

Stan Lepeak, Director, Research, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Often buyers have viewed global sourcing as a series of discrete options and capabilities (e.g., internal services, shared services, offshore captives, business process outsourcing and information technology outsourcing (ITO)) rather than a continuum of integrated service models. This is similar to the legacy perspective of viewing [...]

UK IT Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction Study – Infrastructure Management Findings

Martin Molloy, Principal Consultant, Information Technology Advisory, Europe and Asia Pacific Eighty-two percent of all organisations participating in this year’s UK study have outsourced part, or all of their Infrastructure Management and as such it is the most mature IT outsourcing process. 2010 may become cited as the year when cloud computing finally reached the [...]

Why Going Green is Helping to Keep Financial Institutions’ IT Organisations Out of the Red

Phil Brooke, Principal Consultant, Financial Services Practice ‘Going green’ is a key component of most financial institutions’ corporate social responsibility policies, but there is increasing recognition that it has the potential to deliver much wider business benefits including bottom line cost savings and investment avoidance. The financial services sector has been slower than many other [...]

Five High Impact 2011 Agenda Items for CIOs

Brian Walker, Managing Director, IT Consulting As 2011 quickly approaches, our clients are asking about the areas in which they should focus their attention, and those in which the greatest opportunities for improvement exist. Following are some of our thoughts, highlighting areas in which our clients are achieving significant value or managing risk within their [...]

You have outsourced Applications and Infrastructure. Will SaaS work for you?

Brian Walker, Managing Director, IT Consulting Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Global Research If you are engaged in an outsourcing initiative and wondering if SaaS¹ (software as a service) sourcing model will work for you, here are five questions you should ask as you to begin the evaluation: Does scope current cross multiple providers? Define a [...]

Service Provider Superstars – as Voted for by Dutch End-User Organisations

Paul Cornelisse, Managing Director Information Technology Advisory, The Netherlands The recently published results of the 2010 Dutch Strategic Outsourcing Study investigated over 460 outsourcing contracts held by over 150 of the top IT spending organisations in the Netherlands. In addition to market trend analysis highlighted in my previous blog, service provider performance was assessed against [...]

The Most Pressing Risks in the Cloud

Martin Molloy, Principal Consultant, Information Technology Advisory, Europe and Asia Pacific You are likely familiar with the security and privacy and availability and performance issues in the cloud. However, the most pressing, long-term risk in the cloud is organizational readiness. Moving to a cloud environment is a significant change to the way in which an [...]