What’s on the 2012 Agenda: Costs, Clouds and Conflicts?

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG Management Consulting KPMG recently conducted a global poll of its firms’ professionals to assess what they view as the top market trends that will impact their clients in 2012.  This poll canvassed professionals from the firms’ Management Consulting, Risk Consulting, Audit, and Tax service groups.  KPMG discussed some of [...]

Is VAT Destroying your Business Case for Outsourcing and Shared Services?

Noel Cullen, Principal Advisor, KPMG in the UK Many business cases for shared services and outsourcing in the finance and insurance sectors overlook the substantial impact of VAT. KPMG’s experience in working with member firm clients in developing their business cases for outsourcing and shared services is that savings of 20 – 40 percent on [...]

Labor, Labor Everywhere but Not With Enough of the Skills We Need

Stan Lepeak, Director, Research, SSOA There is increasing evidence of a growing disparity between the available global labor pool and the available pool of labor with the skills required for many services and higher-end manufacturing jobs. The April, 2011 edition of KPMG’s High Growth Markets details rising wages and looming labor shortages in China as [...]

Global Sourcing – The Need for an Integrated Service Delivery Strategy and Model

Stan Lepeak, Director, Research, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Often buyers have viewed global sourcing as a series of discrete options and capabilities (e.g., internal services, shared services, offshore captives, business process outsourcing and information technology outsourcing (ITO)) rather than a continuum of integrated service models. This is similar to the legacy perspective of viewing [...]

UK IT Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction Study – Application Management Findings

Anthony Allinson, Senior Advisor, IT Advisory Services, United Kingdom This year’s study shows the original western global providers, and to some extent the larger heritage Indian providers, struggling with lower client satisfaction scores for Application Management than in previous years. This is thought to be driven by the scale and complexity of these global deals. [...]

UK IT Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction Study – Infrastructure Management Findings

Martin Molloy, Principal Consultant, Information Technology Advisory, Europe and Asia Pacific Eighty-two percent of all organisations participating in this year’s UK study have outsourced part, or all of their Infrastructure Management and as such it is the most mature IT outsourcing process. 2010 may become cited as the year when cloud computing finally reached the [...]

UK IT Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction Study Findings – the Financial Services Sector Perspective

Tony Rawlinson, Managing Director, Financial Services Advisory, Europe & Asia Demand for outsourcing remains strong in the UK Financial Services (FS) sector with almost 70 percent of FS organisations in this year’s study planning to increase their use of outsourcing. There is also evidence that outsourcing is increasingly being used as a strategic tool to [...]

UK IT Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction Study Findings – the Public Sector Perspective

John Mackie, UK Public Sector Lead Nineteen percent of the outsourcing contracts reviewed in the EquaTerra 2010 UK IT Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction Study were for public sector organisations, representing both central and local government and non departmental public bodies (NDPBs). Given the political and economic climate in which these organisations are currently operating, [...]

Europe-Wide Outsourcing Trends Revealed: How Does the Netherlands Compare?

Nico Boot, EquaTerra’s Executive Director, Europe This year’s EquaTerra European Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction Study has highlighted many Europe-wide and country-specific outsourcing trends. Overall the satisfaction with the service providers was quite good – 84 percent of all participating organisations are satisfied. Also, most respondents (73 per cent) said that the initial reasons for [...]

European IT services buyers give outsourcing the vote, but how do they rate their providers?

Bill Thomas, Executive Director, Europe & Asia Pacific European buyers of IT services who participated in EquaTerra’s 2009-10 Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction Studies have cast their votes and declared that outsourcing is proving to be an increasingly popular tool, enabling businesses to effectively manage their IT operations by reducing costs, improving process quality and [...]