Get in Shape if You Want to Innovate

Lee Ayling, Partner, Sourcing Advisory, KPMG in the UK Would you like your service provider partners to deliver innovation in your organisation’s outsourcing contracts? The answer is probably yes. Can you define innovation? The answer is probably no. This is a scenario experienced by many managers of outsourcing contracts getting to grips with innovation. Before [...]

Driving Innovation through Collaboration

Lee Ayling, Partner, Sourcing Advisory, KPMG in the UK Karene House, Principal Advisor, Sourcing Advisory, KPMG in the UK How are you driving innovation with your outsourcing providers and, if you’re a supplier of outsourced services, how are you delivering innovation for your clients? What’s working and what’s not? How do you measure its impact [...]

Social Media and Sourcing: Spot On or So What?

Stan Lepeak, Director, Research, KPMG Advisory The use and monetization of social media is one of the hottest topics in the market for 2011. Setting aside the like valuations of firms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Groupon, social media is transforming how consumers, business professionals, business and organizations interact and communicate. Whether aggregating [...]

The Search for Innovation in Shared Services and Outsourcing

Mark Trepanier, Managing Director, Human Resources Practice I tuned in today for an interesting discussion from Horses for Sources on the search for innovation in shared services and outsourcing.  The dialogue reinforced that the first step is a clear definition of innovation:  Is innovation about efficiency or an improved service experience? Is it input-focused or [...]

FAO 2010: FAO Benefits Sought and Achieved

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, EquaTerra Global Research This is the fifth in an ongoing series of blogs presenting the findings from EquaTerra’s recently completed market study assessing North American and U.K. finance and accounting (F&A) and F&A outsourcing (FAO) market trends. EquaTerra released the results of this market study via a webcast held on January [...]