F&A’s 2013 Service Delivery Game Changers: Hybridization, Verticalization, and Cloud Solutions

By Ron Walker, Principal, KPMG Management Consulting Buyers, providers, advisors, analysts, and market watchers alike know that finance and accounting (F&A) has never been the frontrunner outsourced business process function. Yet, the “2013 State of Outsourcing” study, conducted by HfS Research with support from KPMG, shows that F&A is picking up outsourcing steam. Indeed, the [...]

With Software Overspend Running Rampant—and Unrecognized—What’s a CIO To Do?

By Marc Snyder, Managing Director, KPMG Management Consulting, and Amin Qazi, Director, KPMG Management Consulting Think $12.3 billion annual overspend on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) is a big wallop to U.S. companies’ pocketbooks? KPMG LLP (KPMG) believes the dollar amount may be considerably higher than that estimate, presented in independent research firm Opinion Matters’ “Software Efficiency [...]

Mobility – The CIO’s Secret Weapon

David Conroy, Managing Director, CIO Advisory Achieving the right balance among mobile accessibility, user productivity, and enterprise assurance is one of just a few ways in which a CIO can: a)      Improve employee productivity through enhanced collaboration and information availability b)      Help reduce costs and mitigate security risks c)      Enable new business models and platforms d)      [...]

Cloud Services in 2012: Reshaping the Role of the CIO

Rick Wright, Principal, CIO Advisory and Global Cloud Enablement Program Leader According to a 2012 survey conducted by IDG Research Services for KPMG LLP, the cloud was second only to mobility among business trends where CIOs expected significant benefits. Of course, the cloud is top of mind for most CIOs today. What’s interesting, however, is [...]

Successful IT Transformation: The Devil is in the Execution

Marc E. Snyder, Managing Director, Management Consulting, KPMG LLP In the wake of the 2000-era financial crisis and heightened global competition, organizations are grappling with how to achieve multiple goals including sustainable growth, customer retention, reduced costs, and operational improvements. Many view IT transformation as an essential priority to position them to address these objectives. [...]

Seeking Success with the 2012 Agenda: What’s Needed

KPMG survey data has identified perceived top capabilities organizations will need to successfully undertake top 2012 initiatives and overcome the challenges they are encountering: dysfunctional and/or fragmented organizational operating models, designs, and processes; inadequate and/or antiquated information technology (IT) infrastructure and systems; and the lack of adequate and skilled talent, and the inability to attract and retain talent.

Top 2012 Market Trends: Do More, Spend Less, Hoard Talent, Head East

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG Management Consulting KPMG recently conducted an internal global poll of its firms’ professionals to assess what they view as the top market trends that would impact their clients in 2012. This poll canvassed professionals from the firms’ Management Consulting, Risk Consulting, Audit, and Tax service groups.  KPMG released these [...]

Taking the (Weakening?) Pulse on Global Outsourcing

Stan Lepeak, Director, Global Research, KPMG Management Consulting KPMG recently released the results of its global 4Q11 Sourcing Advisory Pulse Survey. The Pulse surveys provide insights into trends and projections in end-user organizations’ usage of global business services (GBS). The learnings are gleaned from KPMG firms’ advisers, who are working closely with enterprises that are [...]

What is really driving cloud computing adoption?

Stan Lepeak, Director, Global Research, KPMG Management Consulting Research on the subject of emerging trends in cloud computing usage for KPMG’s global cloud Pulse survey looked at what is driving the adoption of cloud computing by end-user organizations. A primary driver typically cited in the market today is reducing IT costs and this was supported [...]

An Insight into the True Levels of Cloud Computing Adoption

Stan Lepeak, Director, KPMG Global Sourcing Advisory Research Over 400 of KPMG’s consultants across our global network of member firms have provided their insights from the ‘front lines’ of cloud computing usage for the inaugural KPMG global cloud Pulse survey. On the subject of cloud adoption levels globally, it was interesting to see that just [...]