Looking at ITO Contract Renewals, Restructures, Rebids, and Insourcing Through a New Lens

Randy Wiele, Director, KPMG LLP The brave-hearted souls tasked with tackling end-of-contract-term decisions or other event-driven changes to information technology outsourcing (ITO) agreements know all too well that many things have changed since they inked their first, second, or even third deal. While the traditional objectives of ITO were primarily around operational stability, lower cost, […]

The Role of IT in Enabling GBS Success

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Advisory KPMG recently released  the results of its global 2Q13 Sourcing Advisory Pulse surveys. These Pulse surveys provide insights into trends and projections in end-user organizations’ usage of global business services (GBS).   A key focus in the 2Q13 edition of the Pulse survey was examining the role of […]

Information Security and Outsourcing: In a constantly expanding enterprise, keeping up is hard to do

Greg Bell, Principal, CIO Advisory Today organizations struggle to really protect your information. That’s driven by a lot of different external trends. It could be increased regulation over certain types of data that you have to protect. It could be protecting some corporate secrets and intellectual property. Or it just could be making sure that […]

Sleeping Giants Awaken: Optimizing Government IT for the New Economy

Federal, state and local governments and other not-for-profits have largely been operating the same way as they have for decades. Typically, it is with highly distributed, decentralized IT models that are not necessarily efficient, or successful in providing great service quality. The recession has changed all that, and now there is an imperative not only […]

HR Optimization for the Public Sector: From Paper Sea to Self-Service

While many corporations have gone to employee self-service, HR in public sector organizations has tended to lag. The decentralized model of yesterday has left each agency, and in many cases each department, with its own HR operation. Worse, these operations tend to operate largely with paper files—documents and spreadsheets—for most employee-related operations, from recruiting and […]

Transforming Cost Allocation: Finding Value in Transparency

Mike Gough, Manager, KPMG LLP and Jeff Gregoire, Director, KPMG LLP Say the words “cost allocations,” and your audience immediately thinks “expensive,” “formulaic,” “not based in reality,” and maybe worse.  Cost allocations are nothing new, but managing them correctly is. It’s the difference between providing a required service versus providing a value-based service with obvious […]

Operational Transformation: Questions You Need to Ask

By Atul Subbiah, Advisory Partner, KPMG LLP Operational transformation is a familiar issue in the business world. Costs keep going up, competition increases, and CIOs need to continually improve performance, enhance processes, and streamline their IT infrastructure. So what’s the “new news” about operational transformation today? More to the point, what do CIOs need to […]

Best-of-breed Governance for Best-of-breed Deals

Mark Voytek, Managed Governance Services Leader, KPMG LLP (U.S.) In the past several years, the global outsourcing market for large single-provider deals has flattened. Instead, buyers increasingly are seeking best-of-breed providers for specific services. Shared services centers, meanwhile, are incorporating more services, more functions, and more third-party resources as they strive to improve productivity and […]