What to Look for in Next-Generation ITO Deals

Dave Brown, Principal, KPMG Advisory Services When you established your IT outsourcing agreement, you probably did the deal and put it in a drawer, so it may have been a few years since you’ve thought about IT contracts. But now that your contract is coming up for renewal, how can you make the most of [...]

Contract Negotiations: Real Estate and Facilities Management Outsourcing Lessons Learned on a Critical Phase of RE & FM Outsourcing

Doug Burr, Advisor, Real Estate and Facilities Management Practice I recently participated in negotiations for a $400 million total contract value real estate and facilities management (RE & FM) outsourcing deal. On the plane home I had some time to opine about what I learned from this and other negotiations. Here are a few questions [...]

How to Kill Your Outsourcing Engagement in Nine Steps or Less

Jerry Klawitter, IT Practice Project Director, EquaTerra A client of mine shared with me recently the results of an interview he conducted with a technologist from another firm which had outsourced all of its IT, and then recently insourced it all. After I regained my composure, I realized this was a story the masses needed [...]

Outsourcing Contracting Complexity: Most Challenging Terms and Conditions

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, EquaTerra Global Research Thomas Hall, Managing Director, EquaTerra Contract Negotiations Advisory On March 5, 2010, EquaTerra released the inaugural edition of its legal Pulse survey, the newest iteration of the Pulse survey research program. The legal Pulse is similar to EquaTerra’s long-standing global service provider/advisor Pulse in that it examines trends [...]

From the Trenches: Advice for Negotiating Your Next Outsourcing Deal

When it comes to contract negotiations, you can never be too prepared. Here are four tips to help you improve your position with your service provider.

Standardization in the Sourcing Process: Caveat Emptor

By Lee Ann Moore, EquaTerra Chief Marketing Officer Outsourcing has been in practice for over 20 years and many organizations have tried to establish standards for human resources and information technology outsourcing.  EquaTerra has been involved in thousands of internal transformation and outsourcing projects and our advisors provide clients with expertise, tools, templates and a [...]

Speed Sourcing, only for informed

by Lee Ann Moore, EquaTerra Chief Marketing Officer The term ‘Speed Sourcing’,  an expedited approach to selecting a service provider for outsourcing services,  received recent attention from the media and outsourcing service provider community.  Interestingly, this approach worked for a specific client who quickly became comfortable with two specific outsourcing providers – much due to [...]