What to Look for in Next-Generation ITO Deals

Dave Brown, Principal, KPMG Advisory Services When you established your IT outsourcing agreement, you probably did the deal and put it in a drawer, so it may have been a few years since you’ve thought about IT contracts. But now that your contract is coming up for renewal, how can you make the most of [...]

It’s Getting Cloudy in Asia Pac – and That’s Good for (Its) Business

Stan Lepeak, Director, KPMG Global Sourcing Advisory Research KPMG recently released a comprehensive global market study on cloud computing adoption and usage.  On November 15th, I will be leading a webcast discussion related to the study.  An initial analysis of the results identifies some interesting findings.  One of them is the disparity of cloud services [...]

Cloud: More of the Same for Less, or Enabling True Business Transformation?

Stan Lepeak, Director, KPMG Global Sourcing Advisory Research KPMG will release the first edition of its global cloud Pulse survey via a webcast on November 15th.  The cloud Pulse survey is modeled after the sourcing advisory Pulse family of research studies.  Results are based on surveys and interviews with advisors globally in KPMG member firms’ [...]

Five High Impact 2011 Agenda Items for CIOs

Brian Walker, Managing Director, IT Consulting As 2011 quickly approaches, our clients are asking about the areas in which they should focus their attention, and those in which the greatest opportunities for improvement exist. Following are some of our thoughts, highlighting areas in which our clients are achieving significant value or managing risk within their [...]

Cloud Security: Better Than What You Have Today? The Answer Depends on the Solution

Rich Boswell, EquaTerra Project Director Recently an analyst from a well known research firm published an article stating that “cloud security is better than what you have today.” In it the analyst bases his argument on customers trusting cloud providers like ADP and Salesforce.com with sensitive information, so why not just trust cloud providers and [...]

You have outsourced Applications and Infrastructure. Will SaaS work for you?

Brian Walker, Managing Director, IT Consulting Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Global Research If you are engaged in an outsourcing initiative and wondering if SaaS¹ (software as a service) sourcing model will work for you, here are five questions you should ask as you to begin the evaluation: Does scope current cross multiple providers? Define a [...]

Honing the Skills Needed to Capitalize on the Cloud

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Global Research There have been significant discussions on the potential benefits and risks of cloud computing in all of its instantiations (infrastructure/platform/software/business process as a service). While it is important to identify, assess and debate these points it is also critical for buyers to assess the adequacy of their collective skills [...]

The Most Pressing Risks in the Cloud

Martin Molloy, Principal Consultant, Information Technology Advisory, Europe and Asia Pacific You are likely familiar with the security and privacy and availability and performance issues in the cloud. However, the most pressing, long-term risk in the cloud is organizational readiness. Moving to a cloud environment is a significant change to the way in which an [...]

The Rise of Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) – an Opportunity or a Threat to Service Providers?

By Martin Molloy, Principal Consultant and Cloud Expert When service providers were asked what the strongest process areas in their pipeline are specific to Information Technology, for our latest UK Pulse survey, they highlighted the strongest demand as being in Infrastructure Management (see chart below) – a trend very likely to be due to the [...]

Myths, Legends, the Truth and Remote Infrastructure Management

By Gary Morris, Principal Consultant Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) seems to be on the lips of many CIO’s as a new concept and a new route to business improvement. However, there’s no industry standard definition for RIM and as with many similar terms, suffers from meaning all things to all people. The reality is that [...]