Get in Shape if You Want to Innovate

Lee Ayling, Partner, Sourcing Advisory, KPMG in the UK Would you like your service provider partners to deliver innovation in your organisation’s outsourcing contracts? The answer is probably yes. Can you define innovation? The answer is probably no. This is a scenario experienced by many managers of outsourcing contracts getting to grips with innovation. Before [...]

CFOs and the Extended Global Enterprise: Saving Money, Unlocking Value and Bolstering Top-Line Growth

Dwayne Prosko, Director, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory As CFOs are increasingly chartered with identifying cost savings opportunities without undermining the core finance and accounting (F&A) function, and helping move the company forward while driving revenue growth, a growing number of leading organizations are adopting strategies that leverage a global footprint combined with an [...]

Developing an End Strategy for Your Outsourcing Contract

Nico Boot, Executive Director Europe and Asia Pacific Most organisations make the mistake of drawing up new contracts based on negative experiences in the past. A better way to determine the appropriate option when a contract comes to an end is to carry out the final annual review of the sourcing strategy, look ahead at [...]

From Tired to Inspired: Improving Your Shared Services Brand

Rick Bertheaud Need to revitalize your internal brand for shared services? Trying to move beyond transactional processing? Many shared services centers (SSCs) are at a crossroads. Some, a few years in, are trying to reinvigorate their brand as enthusiasm fades. Others are mired in high-volume transactional work that isn’t relevant when performed flawlessly and is [...]

The Future of Sourcing Advisory

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Global Research As EquaTerra embarks on its eighth year as a sourcing advisory (that’s 56 in management consulting years) the world of outsourcing has changed much since the firm’s 2003 inception. Mostly gone are large mega-deals, weak or unrealistic business cases, exceptionally naïve buyers (i.e., “I want lower costs and a [...]

The Perils of Information vs. Knowledge, Empowerment

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director Global Research Two tenets that underpin the pervasiveness of computing and the Internet are that access to more information and user empowerment are always good things. First the personal computer, then the Internet, and now powerful hand-held devices and social media services are “empowering” users to access corporate computing systems and [...]

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing: Are Bundled Deals Dead?

Rick Bertheaud, Finance and Accounting Managing Director, North America Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Global Research When it comes to finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO), the tides are shifting from large, complex, multi-tower deals in which many processes are bundled into a single outsourcing transaction to fewer processes or even single-process outsourcing transactions. Many FAO buyers [...]

2011: The Year of Service Integration?

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Global Research Tony Rawlinson, Managing Director, Financial Services Advisory (Europe & Asia Pacific) EquaTerra research alliance partner HorsesforSources/HfS Research recently released its requisite top 2011 outsourcing predictions. Making number four on the list was a somewhat pithy prediction that “service integration becomes the new fad, replacing innovation as the buzzword of [...]

The Search for Innovation in Shared Services and Outsourcing

Mark Trepanier, Managing Director, Human Resources Practice I tuned in today for an interesting discussion from Horses for Sources on the search for innovation in shared services and outsourcing.  The dialogue reinforced that the first step is a clear definition of innovation:  Is innovation about efficiency or an improved service experience? Is it input-focused or [...]

Service Levels for HR Services Delivery – An Evolution

Jim Koenig, EquaTerra Client Executive, Human Resources Advisory A challenge in establishing an HR services delivery function is determining the performance measures to govern the services. This applies whether the service delivery model is internal shared services, outsourcing or a hybrid. There are many factors to consider, such as:  what are the desired outcomes from [...]