What’s Green on the Outside and Red on the Inside? Service level agreements and watermelons.

By Dave Brown, Principal, KPMG LLP Advisory An odd comparison to be sure, but too often, we have found that executives see only the green on the outside of a service relationship while everyone else closer to the middle of it sees red.  I call it the “watermelon effect.” All sourcing arrangements have some kind [...]

Running It Like a Business

By Rick Bertheaud, Principal, and Bryan Furlong, Global Management Consulting, KPMG What do cable TV, airlines and cellular phone services have in common with your shared service centers? Surly, late, and unpredictable businesses usually fail, but some subscription and loyalty-program businesses are so difficult to replace, we will just put up with the abuse.  With [...]

What to Look for in Next-Generation ITO Deals

Dave Brown, Principal, KPMG Advisory Services When you established your IT outsourcing agreement, you probably did the deal and put it in a drawer, so it may have been a few years since you’ve thought about IT contracts. But now that your contract is coming up for renewal, how can you make the most of [...]

Value Assurance – A Route to Optimising Your Outsourcing Relationship

Lee Ayling, Managing Director, UK Information Technology Advisory In an outsourcing relationship it’s not uncommon for there to be pain points or situations where expectations and delivery are not aligned. Today, EquaTerra is advising organisations to invest their energy in tackling these issues to maximise the value of a contract rather than considering ending a [...]

Service Levels for HR Services Delivery – An Evolution

Jim Koenig, EquaTerra Client Executive, Human Resources Advisory A challenge in establishing an HR services delivery function is determining the performance measures to govern the services. This applies whether the service delivery model is internal shared services, outsourcing or a hybrid. There are many factors to consider, such as:  what are the desired outcomes from [...]

Contract Negotiations: Real Estate and Facilities Management Outsourcing Lessons Learned on a Critical Phase of RE & FM Outsourcing

Doug Burr, Advisor, Real Estate and Facilities Management Practice I recently participated in negotiations for a $400 million total contract value real estate and facilities management (RE & FM) outsourcing deal. On the plane home I had some time to opine about what I learned from this and other negotiations. Here are a few questions [...]

How to Kill Your Outsourcing Engagement in Nine Steps or Less

Jerry Klawitter, IT Practice Project Director, EquaTerra A client of mine shared with me recently the results of an interview he conducted with a technologist from another firm which had outsourced all of its IT, and then recently insourced it all. After I regained my composure, I realized this was a story the masses needed [...]

From the Trenches: Advice for Negotiating Your Next Outsourcing Deal

When it comes to contract negotiations, you can never be too prepared. Here are four tips to help you improve your position with your service provider.