HR and Social Media: Strategies to Co-opt and Control (As Much as Possible and In a Good Way!)

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Advisory The use of social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn®, blogs) is already pervasive in most organizations globally, whether management, communications, risk management, and human resources (HR) groups like it or not. Too many organizations, however, are reactive, dismissive and in some cases naively unrealistic, about the potential [...]

The Social Media Imperative for Banks

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG LLP Advisory Social media is a “hot” topic on the agenda of any firm that has customer-facing operations and offerings and this is especially true in the banking industry. Banks have always been big users of information technology and aggressive adopters of new technologies. As a result, banking has [...]

What’s on the 2012 Agenda: Costs, Clouds and Conflicts?

Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director, KPMG Management Consulting KPMG recently conducted a global poll of its firms’ professionals to assess what they view as the top market trends that will impact their clients in 2012.  This poll canvassed professionals from the firms’ Management Consulting, Risk Consulting, Audit, and Tax service groups.  KPMG discussed some of [...]

Social Media: Balancing Controls with Creativity

Sanjaya Krishna, KPMG LLP Advisory Principal, Contract Compliance and US Digital Services Leader John Hair, KPMG LLP Advisory Director, Risk and Compliance Social media programs are designed to promote and support engagement with client communities and proper governance can help deliver a positive return for this marketing investment.  Social Media use is increasingly essential in [...]

Defining a Social Media Strategy: Don’t Forget About Your Sourcing Partners

Sanjaya Krishna, KPMG LLP Advisory Principal, Contract Compliance John Hair, KPMG LLP Advisory Director, Risk and Compliance It is critical to have control mechanisms in place to  manage your organization’s social media activity—and to understand your risks in the adoption and use of this rapidly evolving business enabler.  KPMG is assisting out client organizations in [...]

The Need for Smarter SPEED

Cliff Justice Stan Lepeak Business success today is predicated on working both faster as well as smarter. Advances in information technology and telecommunications, as manifested in the Internet, highly complex enterprise software systems, and process automation, have helped enable organizations to work increasingly faster and on a global scale. In many respects, it is working [...]

Contact Center Consolidation Strategy and Tactics

Dave Kirk Stan Lepeak Call centers, whether supporting internal staff or external customers and prospects, are a functional area that in most user organizations could benefit from greater standardization and economies of scale. Like many business activities, contact centers have often grown in loosely managed and uncoordinated ways. This seems especially true when the centers [...]

The Perils of Information vs. Knowledge, Empowerment

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director Global Research Two tenets that underpin the pervasiveness of computing and the Internet are that access to more information and user empowerment are always good things. First the personal computer, then the Internet, and now powerful hand-held devices and social media services are “empowering” users to access corporate computing systems and [...]

The Forecast Looks Cloudy for Global Sourcing in 2011

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director of Global Research EquaTerra released the results of its 4Q10 global Pulse survey via a webcast held on Wednesday, January 26th.   As it regularly does in the fourth quarter Pulse survey, EquaTerra polled leading services providers and its advisors on what they projected as the most impactful  trends in the business [...]

Social Media as a Business Medium: It’s already here, are you ready?

Stan Lepeak, Managing Director, Global Research Collaboration is a core skill in any successful business.   The means, however,  through which businesses collaborate internally as well as externally with customers and partners have changed dramatically over the past 20 years and  will continue to do so at a torrid pace.  Today the collaboration envelope is being [...]