Outsourcing and the Extended Global Enterprise

Marc Stark, Director, KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory The Extended Global Enterprise (EGE) is the next level of maturity in global business services. In this model, leading companies are going beyond labor arbitrage and transactional processing. Instead, they’re breaking down functional silos and assembling capabilities – whether retained, outsourced, shared or distributed around the [...]

Can Cloud Pricing Really Bring a Shower of Savings?

Dave Brown, Principal, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG LLP ( US) Information technology outsourcing (ITO) continues to push the capabilities of service delivery to buyers using more efficient and seamless interfaces. Cloud computing services begin to take the next step by attempting to hide the entire infrastructure and allowing you to simply pay for [...]

The Most Pressing Risks in the Cloud

Martin Molloy, Principal Consultant, Information Technology Advisory, Europe and Asia Pacific You are likely familiar with the security and privacy and availability and performance issues in the cloud. However, the most pressing, long-term risk in the cloud is organizational readiness. Moving to a cloud environment is a significant change to the way in which an [...]

Fact or Fiction: Variable Pricing is Viable Only for Global 100 Organizations?

Randy Hoerauf, EquaTerra Financial Architect The prevailing wisdom is that variable pricing is only applicable to Global 100 companies; however, EquaTerra find this model works for organizations of varying sizes, but the organization must have significant mega-transaction volumes. For example, a local utility company can have a myriad of administrative, low value transactions and not [...]